Updated: January 6, 2021

2 Best Predator Generator Reviews of 2020 – (Buying Guide)

by Charles Jasper

You may not have heard of the Predator brand before, but that shouldn't put you off. At work or home, Predator generators provide reliable, constant power where you need it most. 

Predator Generator Reviews

We've reviewed some of the most popular Predator models to help you decide which generator is right for you, and included a rundown of brand features if you're new to the name.

1. The Winner: 3500 Super Quiet Inverter

Predator 3500 Super Quiet Inverter Generator

3500 Super Quiet Inverter
  • 212cc air-cooled OHV gasoline engine
  • 11 hour run-time at 25% capacity
  • Digital LCD screen with low oil
  • 30 amp RV adapter included
  • 99.2 pounds weight

Looking for power and portability? Look no further than the Predator 3,500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator. It comes packed with a 212 cc air-cooled gas engine and has an 11-hour run time at 25% capacity. That means fewer trips out to fill the gas tank.

The LCD screen will give you critical information like oil pressure, overload, and output lights and it comes preloaded with electronic overload protection to keep you from pulling too much.

This is sold as a Predator portable generator, even though it clocks in at a hefty 110 lbs. The built-in wheels fortunately make the unit easier to move to your desired location.

The generator does justify the weight with a beefy power output. Here you’re looking at providing enough juice to power you refrigerator, air conditioning, sump pumps, and a light or two. It’s got plenty of plugs to get done what you need it to.


  • Warranty - The 90 day limited warranty means you’ll get your money’s worth and makes this an easy buy
  • Starting - Easy pull-to-start means anyone can get it going
  • Quiet - Relatively quiet starting and running means you won’t keep your family or your neighbors up


  • No built in fuel gauge - It’s guesswork how much is in the gas tank and whether there's enough left for your needs.
  • Long priming time - The generator needs to run for at least five hours before you can use it. This means that you need to put fluids in it, making dry storage difficult.

The Predator 3500 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator is a great machine that produces enough power for fairly serious applications. Like all inverter generators, it's relatively quiet and produces electricity that's stable enough to power your sensitive electronics if needed. The price is a bit high, but the quality justifies it.

2. Runner Up: 8750/7000W CARB Special

Predator 8750 Peak, 7000 Running Watts CARB Special

8750 Peak, 7000 Running Watts CARB Special
  • 420cc / 13 HP air-cooled OHV gasoline engine
  • 2 hour run-time at 50% load
  • 20A duplex outlets
  • Gas powered
  • 193.6 pounds weight

‘A beast’ is one way to describe this Predator CARB Special. With 8750 starting watts and a powerful 7000W running wattage, this generator is perfectly capable of powering large portions of your home, heavy duty appliances, or larger, power-hungry tools.

This large gasoline generator comes along with an equally large fuel tank, meaning it can run for 12 hours on half load. Electric start with recoil backup means you can seamlessly get this guy going—the battery is not included with purchase. There’s no digital screen here, but low oil indicator and oil shutdown lights let you know where you stand.

The unit features two 120v, 20a duplex outlets, a three-prong, 120v, 20a twist and lock outlet, and three 240v, 30a outlets.

This is an open frame generator, so the motor is exposed and the generator will need to be protected and stored appropriately. At 195 lbs, you’ll need a friend to help you move this guy, or you can invest in an optional wheel kit from the supplier, Harbor Freight Tools.


  • Easy to start - The electric start makes this generator easy to get going, but even the pull rope recoil start is easier than some other generators on the market.
  • Nearly whole home - This power generator has enough juice to run your entire home. It can also be attached to the circuit breaker via transfer switch.
  • Three fuel conversion - Via a conversion switch (not included), you can run this generator on gasoline, LP, or natural gas.


  • Size - At nearly 200 lbs., this unit will require at least two people to move and does not come with wheels.
  • Price - It's true that you can find similar generators for less.

If you’re looking to power your whole home, or at least most of it, or you need to ensure that an entire light show with speakers has juice, this is the one for you!

Predator Buying Guide

Woman with Power Supply

When you need power on the go, you need a generator. Whether you’re at home, on a job site, or traveling in an RV, power is essential. We need to get things done, protect our property, and power important appliances. Read our camping generator guide for more information about RV and camping generators.

Predator generators offer great options for a variety of different users, whether it's a portable generator for an RV or a power generator for a whole home or large job site. Let’s go through some of the common characteristics of these generators.

Looks and Build

Predators are well designed and don’t have any extraneous parts. They’re built solidly and include a variety of different features, depending on the model, that help consumers get the most out of the generator. The wheel and handle kit makes it easy to move a large, heavy generator across a long distance, ensuring you get power where you need it most. 

The roll cage that's built into many of the portable generators also ensures your investment stays safe. The generators are built sturdy to withstand weather, job site messes, and whatever you can throw at them.

Whether with indicator lights or digital displays, Predators let you know if the unit has low oil or low fuel. Fuel tanks are large and the largest unit is able to be converted to run on both LP and natural gas, as well as gasoline.

Parts and Operation

Stainless steel and quality fasteners make up the Predator generator line and mean that you won’t be left in the dark by subpar parts. The finish is high quality. Each generator comes with a variety of different plug and outlet configurations. If you’re looking to cover your house in a power outage, you may need a bit more on the upper end of the power scale. If you’re simply looking to power a camper or RV, perhaps something smaller is right.

Starting these generators is relatively easy, as many users report. Some models have battery start capability, though the battery is not included with purchase. Long run times on most models mean you don’t have to be in the yard in the pouring rain or out at the campground in the middle of the night filling your generator’s fuel tank.

CARB Compliance

Many Predator models are CARB compliant, meaning they meet regulations for use in California and are ready for use in other states that adopt the CARB standards.

Power Supply with Plug

Warranty and Service

Predator generators are distributed in the US by Harbor Freight Tools. Each generator comes with a 90-day limited warranty. It's not the strongest in the business, but you’re also saving quite a bit of money.

Additionally, you can look for extended warranty packages through your chosen retailer.

Advantages and Disadvantages

On the whole, Predator generators are a good buy and a solid return on investment. Harbor Freight consumers report that they have overwhelmingly positive experiences. Some pros and cons:


  • Predator models tend to be cheaper than comparatively similar makes of generators
  • Quality is still very high
  • A variety of plug options means you’ll likely find exactly what you need
  • A variety of sizes means you can choose what’s right for you


  • You likely have not heard of Predator
  • The warranty is not as long as that of some other companies

Predator Generator Comparison Chart

GeneratorWattsPower SourceWeightRating
Predator Super Quiet3500Gasoline-Powered110 lbs6
Predator 62523 6252334, 000 Gas Powered47 pounds 6
Predator CARB Special 8750N/A194 pounds 9
Predator Portable Generator6500 Peak/5500 RunningGas-Powered200 pounds 9
Predator Portable Generator Wheel Kit 8750 Peak/7000 Running Gas-Powered183 pounds9


Harbor Freight Predator generator models are a great purchase for consumers looking to power their homes, job sites, or RVs. They provide clean, reliable power to any necessary electronics, and many feature safety features that keep you from overloading the generator. Predator portable generators are easy to move around with built-in wheels, and larger models have a wheel kit that help you maneuver your generator.

The latest technology and clean running engines, along with easy starting, means you can rely on these products to get your power when and where you need it.

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