Updated: December 22, 2020

Champion 3800 Portable Inverter Generator Review

by Charles Jasper

Product Overview

Heading out on a road trip in an RV or camper can be a huge adventure that’s great for singles, couples and even the whole family. Once you get to your campsite you’ll need a power source to keep running the air conditioning, refrigerator and other appliances and conveniences that come in your vehicle. Small camping generators can be the perfect accessory to stow on your RV and bust out when you get to your campsite.

The Champion 3800 watt model inverter generator is a great option for a portable power source that’s versatile and easy to use even for beginning campers.

Champion 3800 Watt Dual Fuel Generator

Champion 3800 Watt Dual Fuel Generator
  • 3800-watt portable generator
  • Power up the 224cc Champion engine
  • One 120V 30A RV outlet
  • 3-year limited warranty 
  • 122 pounds weight

Why Do I Need a Camping Generator?

Camping generators can come in handy for a variety of different application on the campsite and off. If you’re traveling in a camper you likely have some modern conveniences that you’re able to power while you’re on the road. Many RVs these days come with air conditioning and other appliances that run off of the vehicle’s battery while it’s running.

Once you get to your campsite, however, you can’t keep running those appliances without killing the battery on your vehicle. Here’s where a portable inverter generator comes in handy. A portable generator is compact and lightweight enough for you to pack with your luggage and you can power it with fuel from your campsite.

Once it’s up and running, different generators have different capabilities but most can handle the standard load of your average RV. With slightly low effort, you can keep running all your appliances on a campsite using just propane or oil.

Since inverter generators are not as noisy as other generators, they’re perfect for camping without annoying your neighbors on the next campsite over. They’re also safe when operated properly and according to the instructions in the user’s manual.

Camping generators can be used off the campsite too. They can also work great if you’re out on a job site where you’ll be using power tools or powering heaters. When the work day is over, you can use a portable generator at a block party or while you’re tailgating.

A portable inverter generator can also be useful if you find yourself in a power outage. They don’t require the same amount of maintenance as a large, standard generator but they can keep your important appliances functioning while you wait for your power to be restored.

Portable Inverter Generator Information

Since 2003, Champion Power Equipment has been marketing long-lasting and reliable power solutions. For years, their high power equipment requirements have made the lives of customers simpler and they are always at the cutting edge of power engineering.

It's so quick to have power on a campsite or work site with Champion’s 3800 duel fuel portable inverter generator. This portable generator has some good features that make it a must-have for campers, tailgaters and work sites. With a higher capacity tank, you can power your appliances for longer with this model.

The ability to supply either gas or propane to the generator makes this a truly versatile generator. Fuel selector dials also allow you to toggle between sources of fuel quickly and easily. There are even built in safety features such as the low oil shut-off feature, making this generator safer than ever.

With conveniently placed wheels and a built-in pull handle, this unit is perfectly easy to transport to your job site or on your RV trip and powerful enough to handle air conditioning, refrigeration and all your other appliances needs without overloading.


  • The four stroke engine runs on either gas or propane straight out of the box with very little assembly required. The ability to use duel fuel reserves makes this generator great to have on the road.
  • Cold start technology means you will be able to start and use the generator no matter how cold the temperature is outside.
  • Up to 4750 starting watts and 3800 running watts will work for up to 9 hours on gas or 10.5 hours on propane so you can run your air conditioning all night long.
  • Champion engine is 224 cc and features a button touch to start battery system for quick and easy starting without recoil if you choose.
  • All outlets are protected by volt guard so in the event of a power surge your appliances will be safe.
  • Champion offers a 3 year limited warranty and lifetime customer service on their products.
  • Easy to read three mode digital gauge conveniently placed on the front of the generator.


  • The oil drain is not in an ideal location for easy filling and refilling without spilling on the frame of the generator.
  • This unit can’t run in the rain so you’ll need to purchase a suitable cover to protect it from the rain if you anticipate needing it in varied weather conditions.


Champion’s 3800 watt duel fuel portable inverter generator is a great power source to have on your campsite, worksite or even just in case of an emergency power outage. With user friendly features and easy assembly and set up, it’s perfect even for people who haven’t used a generator before. You won’t have to worry about being able to start the engine on this generator with the electric push to start option, you’ll enjoy power in your RV or on your worksite in no time!

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