Updated: December 22, 2020

Honda EU2200i 2200-Watt 120-Volt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator Review

by Charles Jasper

Product Overview

The Honda EU2200i Super Quiet Portable Invert Generator is the perfect addition to your business or home. It is small, lightweight, and powerful enough to do any job you need without breaking your back.

Be sure to bring along the reliability of this Honda model to keep all of your electronic tools and devices running. You know the name, Honda, and can trust that the Honda EU2200i will be a reliable and trustworthy addition to the gear you need to get any job done. You will be amazed by all of the benefits of portable generators.

This inverter generator will power your sound booth as you DJ a dance, keep all of your tools working as hard as you do, and ensure that your tailgating friends are both comfortable and jealous. The Honda EU2200i is built to be efficient, quiet, and easy for anyone to use and maintain.

Honda EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator

Honda EU2200i Portable Inverter Generator
  • Operates at 48 to 57 dBA
  • Delivering 10 percent more power
  • Fuel shut off valve
  • Oil drain gutter for cleaner
  • 40 pounds weight

Best Uses

The Honda EU2200i is ideal for any job that requires portable electric energy:

  • Construction – avoid the safety hazards and hassles of extension cords by plugging electric tools into the Honda EU2200i.
  • Entertainment – plug in your amplifiers, instruments, turntables, and microphones to make any outdoor DJ job a professional gig.
  • Parties – whether it’s a tailgate, bonfire, or backyard BBQ, you can impress your friends when you hook up appliances to your Honda EU2200i.

Keep the Work Going

Safety First

According to OSHA, slips, trips, and falls account for about 25% of all job site accident reports. They cost both the employer and worker money with lost wages, lost work, and increased insurance premiums. Using the Honda EU2200i to eliminate the need for long extension cords is an easy and convenient way to reduce this concern.

In fact, uncovered wires and extension cords across walkways are one of the first tripping hazards that OSHA identifies as a major source of workplace injury, but it’s an easy one to avoid. Keep your workers safe and productive by providing power where it’s needed without a crazy mess of cords.

The Honda EU2200i is the perfect generator for the job with two 120V AC outlets and great fuel-efficiency. It's also easy enough to use for anyone to operate it, and at approximately 46 pounds, it’s light enough to take to the far reaches of any work site. It even has a handle to make that transportation as easy as carrying another tool.

Provide Power Without Pause

Keeping the Honda EU2200i handy on the job site means that there is no need for batteries. That’s great news for all of the workers who hate searching for the right battery to fit the tool. Even better, it means that you don’t have to worry about a battery dying halfway through the day.

There is no degradation of battery life when you're using electric tools, too. An electric drill will work for as long as you keep it plugged into the Honda EU2200i, unlike a cordless drill that will only last a few hours, requires a back-up battery, and will need a whole new battery in as little as 3 years. The Honda EU2200i will last much longer than that and allows you to keep all of the convenience and reliability of electric tools.

Using an inverter generator like the Honda EU2200i is a great solution to avoid extension cords without all of the trouble, expense, and hassle that comes with cordless power tools. Just charge up this generator and you are good to work all day.

Be an Entertainment Professional

Starting a new business is hard, but the Honda EU2200i makes being a professional entertainer just a little bit easier. When someone wants you to provide the sound for their outdoor extravaganza, you can accept the job with ease, knowing that you've got the Honda EU2200i to power all your needs.

Quiet & Portable

The Honda EU2200i is as light and easy to carry as an amplifier. It weighs less than 47 pounds and has an easy-to-grip handle to make it convenient to take with you. It’s small enough to tuck into your van, truck, or car right alongside all of your other equipment.

With the Honda EU2200i, you can be a professional DJ for outdoor weddings. Just plug all of your equipment into the easy-to-use Honda EU2200i inverter generator. It will power your computer, amplifier, and lights with ease. You can even hook up a second one in parallel to add to the fun.

If you prefer to provide live music, rest assured that the Honda EU2200i is ready to keep your electric guitar screaming and your soundboard singing. The best part is that the Honda EU2200i is so quiet, it won’t compete with the music you create. At around 55 decibels, this inverter generator is quieter than most regular conversations.

Protect What’s Important

Any new entrepreneur will tell you that start-up costs can be a challenge, so when you invest in new electronics, keep them safe by connecting them to an inverter generator that only produces pure sine waves.

Inverter generators are amazingly quiet, but the way that they turn unleaded gasoline into electricity comes with the risk of distortion. Because the power is produced and then inverted, it can warp the sine waves on energy, and that can cause damage to sensitive electronics like laptops and turntables.

The Honda EU2200i uses the best technology to ensure that the electricity generated by this inverter generator won’t fry your electronics, so when you connect your newest business investment, do so with the confidence that Honda supports your and is protecting your devices.

Turn Up the Party

You don’t need to be a professional entertainer or musician to want to throw a great party. Imagine how awesome a tailgate would be with a big-screen TV. Consider the fun of karaoke at your next BBQ and neighbors. You can even be the rock star who provides music at the next friendly bonfire when you bring along the Honda EU2200i.

The Power of Music

No matter who shows up, everyone has a good time when the music is rocking. When you connect your speakers, laptop, or stereo to the Honda EU2200i you can take the music with you even when the party is happening outside. It has two 120V AC outlets to make it easy and convenient to plug in any device and is fuel-efficient enough to keep the party going all night long.

You can even turn up the fun by bringing along a karaoke machine. It will likely be bigger than the tiny Honda EU2200i, and you’ll find that your inverter generator may be easier to carry, too. But when your friends start singing under the sun or the moon, you’ll be glad to have offered entertainment powered by a portable inverter generator.

The Honda EU2200i is efficient enough that you’ll be able to power the entire party even when your partygoers demand an encore since it keeps running for up to 9+ hours. Its controls are even color-coded to make using this inverter generator easy enough for any partier to use.

Best Features

  • Efficiency – With anywhere from 4 to 9.6 hours of running time, you won’t need to recharge very often.
  • Eco-Throttle – The Honda EU2200i will provide the power you need without wasting gasoline.
  • Safe Energy – Since Honda uses the best inverter technology, you don’t have to worry about distortion ruining your devices. The energy from the Honda EU2200i is as clean as what you get when you plug in at home.
  • Quiet Power – with this inverter generator Honda was sure to keep the volume down so that you can focus on the music and conversations that really matter.
  • Portability – The Honda EU2200i is easy to take with you to any event. It’s lightweight, small, and easy to carry.

Inverter Generator Tips

Get the most out of your Honda EU2200i inverter generator by checking out an inverter generator guide and following these simple steps:

One Step at a Time

In addition to reading the owner’s manual to fully understand your Honda EU2200i, it’s a good idea to take the start-up process one step at a time. Get the inverter generator running first and wait until it’s warm before connecting any appliances. Even then, take the time to plug in just one appliance at a time and allow the motor to adjust before adding the next device.

Respect Capacity

When the fire marshal limits the number of people allowed on a deck, you know it’s to keep people safe by preventing a collapse of the structure. When your owner’s manual lists the capacity of your Honda EU2200i it’s to keep your inverter generator running smoothly for years to come. If you need additional juice, just connect an additional unit. They're built to run in parallel.

Stay Safe

Portable inverter generators offer a ton of safety benefits. The Honda EU2200i is efficient, can safely power your delicate electronic devices, and allows you to eliminate excessive extension cords. Just remember to operate the Honda EU2200i in a safe manner. That means that you should never run it indoors, even in a garage. Generators should only be operated 15 feet or more from any enclosed space to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning that can easily be deadly.

Maintenance Matters

As you read the owner’s manual of your new Honda EU2200i, pay close attention to the maintenance recommendations. Honda limits these to simple requirements that will keep your inverter generator running smoothly for many years to come.

Quiet Energy

One of the best features of the Honda EU2200i is its volume. It’s a quiet portable generator that will power all of your party needs without being loader than your intended entertainment.

Imagine a wedding where you can’t hear the best man’s speech. That won't be an issue for the Honda EU2200i. This generator is a great choice for live musicians for the same reason. The Honda EU2200i won’t interfere with the amazing guitar solo that you’ve been practicing for ages.

The portability of an inverter generator is a powerful thing, but the noise can be overwhelming. When it’s important to keep the generator in the background, be sure to choose a quiet portable generator like the Honda EU2200i.


  • Lightweight – At less than 47 pounds, the Honda EU2200i portable inverter generator is easy to carry.
  • Versatile – The Honda EU2200i has the power you need to run tools, amps, electronics, and lights while staying efficient.
  • Portable – When you need a generator that fits in with all your other gear, consider the Honda EU2200i. It even has a handle to make carrying it convenient.
  • Quiet – The Honda EU2200i is quieter than many conversations and will let your workers communicate and your partiers enjoy the music.
  • Efficient – With its Eco-Throttle System, this generator knows how to use its power responsibly.
  • Safe – The Honda EU2200i produces electricity that is as clean and safe for your electronics as the energy that comes from your public utilities.


  • Capacity – This is an ideal portable generator but won’t succeed as a back-up power source for your entire house.


Whether you command construction sites, master outdoor ceremonies, provide live entertainment, or just like to host parties outside with your friends, a quiet portable generator is a key to keeping it all going. You need something that is easy to carry, lightweight, small, and quiet.

The Honda EU2200i Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator will meet all of these needs while exceeding all of your expectations. It can run for anywhere from 4 to 9.6 hours and will power all of your needs. Honda built this generator with easy to use controls to make it friendly for even novice generator users.

With the Honda EU2200i, you know you will get clean power that keeps your tools working and your music jamming. You can host a party, start an entertainment business, or run a construction site with the benefits of electricity that you can carry with just one hand.

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