Updated: December 22, 2020

Honda EU7000is Invertor Generator Review

by Charles Jasper

Product Overview

Of the many inverter generators available, Honda is by far one of the largest and most prominent manufacturers. While the majority of generators are designed Their wide array of invertor generators surpass others for daily use and the Honda EU7000is invertor generator is the most successful option for those who need generator power on a day to day basis.

The Honda EU7000is brings a great deal of power and performance to the table. It produces a steady output of 5500 watts, but is capable of producing 7000 watts during peak capacity moments. The 7000-watt output will be ideal for those needing to run larger appliances such as air compressors or refrigerators while the 5500 watts will be useful while using household electronics and heaters.

This is also an inverter generator that can be considered heavy duty and have multiple emergency shut off features to prevent common damage that may occur. Additionally, it is known to be parallel capable and extremely quiet surpassing similar models with a 52-dB sound output.

Honda EU7000is Invertor Generator

Honda 660270 7,000 Watt Super Quiet Portable Inverter Generator
  • 7,000-watt generator
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • Operates at 52 - 58 decibels
  • System runs 6-18 hours on a single tank
  • 51.31 Pounds weight


Like many other inverter generators, the Honda EU7000is is designed to be a compact generator that is easily portable and efficient. Given its significant amount of output, this may not seem like a likely possibility. This inverter generator, however manages to maintain its output while including several key features that make it extremely portable and useful.

The Honda EU7000is is considered to be both skinnier and a little taller than most generators on the market. It also includes two handles on each side to allow for easier carrying. The handles fold-down to allow for a firmer grip, and maintains the compact design of the generator when it is not in use. One of the more unique aspects of the handles is their metal composition. While many generator manufacturers prefer to use rubber, Honda uses a more upscale option for the EU7000is. The metal is certainly more durable, but also makes them last longer than other options.

There are also high-quality wheels located on the bottom of the generator. As this portable generator is a bit heavier than most weighing in at 262 pounds, the wheels provide users with more traction and a secondary option to move it when needed. The wheels are made completely of rubber, which provides better traction, especially for those who may choose to use this on rougher terrain such as gravel or unpaved dirt.

Overall, the amount of portability provided in this specific inverter generator far surpasses many other brands and aligns with Honda’s reputation for superior design and execution. Despite its larger size, this generator is very well-suited for portability and movement when being used for heavier jobs.

Start-Up & Controls

One of the more unique features found with the Honda EU7000is can be located during start-up. While many other inverter generators have a rip cord mechanism used to start output, the Honda EU7000is uses a fully electric process. You’ll only be required to set the shutoff switch and push the start button to begin any operations. In most cases, this generator has been known to take one to two cranks to successfully start.

In addition to the simple start-up, the additional controls on the Honda EU7000is are similarly convenient and easy to decipher. A compact and easy to read LCD display provides a great deal of information regarding the generator while in use. This includes the current output, voltage, and RPM. This would be an ideal feature to consider if you happen to require the voltage for use with another piece of electric equipment or an outlet.

Additionally, you’ll be able to see multiple connectivity options on the Honda EU7000is. The generator includes two standard 110v plugs similar to what would be found in a house, as well as an added 110v connector using a GFCI connector. As generators are not commonly grounded, this will ensure safety and assist in the prevention of damage or electrical sparking.

The Honda EU7000is also comes with a connector that is compatible with both 120v and 240v options. The power for this connector can be swapped using a simple flip-switch located towards the bottom of the generator. This allows for a more versatile experience when trying to run larger appliances using the generator.


The Honda EU7000is inverter generator uses standard gasoline rather than propane for fueling purposes. This makes fuel extremely accessible and, in most cases affordable. Though the 5.1- gallon tank make be bigger than quite a few inverter generators, it is still an affordable option for most users.

The generator also produces a great deal of power using the little fuel required to fill it. As this is an eco-friendly generator, you have the option of using an eco-throttle switch. This forces the generator to regulate its fuel consumption and enhance the eco-friendly factor. While this does decrease the amount of the power output quite a bit, the fuel consumption is generally cut in half while in use. For those who are not using the generator at maximum capacity on a daily basis, this function helps to save gas and, inevitably, money when possible.

Power Quality

For those using a generator regularly, one of the main concerns is power output. In general, most inexpensive generators do so at the expense of power. The Honda EU7000is, however, manages to produce a great deal of power while maintaining a lower price point considering its being one of the larger generators available. After reaching maximum capacity, the Honda EU7000is capable of producing clean sine waves, which measure the total harmonic distortion (THC). In this specific generator, the THC is 4%, which is lower than most other generators available. This is ideal for those looking to use a backup generator for wiring their home.

The power quality of this generator is also superior to its counterparts and competitors. Even when not working at its full-capacity, the frequency and voltage of the power still tends to remain extremely stable. For those with experience using generators in the past, this model will be a welcome addition to your toolshed. The main concern here would be the need to ensure all connections are set-up properly. With the amount of power being output, there is an increased possibility of problems if connections are not grounded and functional.


Compared to other generators of similar size, the Honda EU7000is is one of the quietest generators available. While it is designed for heavy duty use, the decibel output will normally reach anywhere between 52 dB- 57 dB depending on the workload and current output. This is mostly due to the overall design of the generator.

The Honda 7000is has an engine that is mounted on rubber with an advanced muffler system included. With these additional components, the engine within the generator is barely audible. Though there are other generators that come extremely close to the light sound output found in the Honda EU 7000is, none can match it given its size and durability.


In terms of safety, Honda has gone through considerable lengths to ensure that the EU7000is is one of the safest inverter generators available. While any generator can present a problem when used incorrectly, this specific generator has several features available to lessen the possibility.

The most prominent of these features is the low oil sensor. Beside the main inlet of the generator, you will find a sensor designed to turn the generator off when the oil levels are considered unacceptable or too low. This helps to ensure a lesser chance of damage due to the generator running out of oil and it is extremely visible allowing you added peace-of-mind.

The Honda EU7000is also provides emergency shutoff sensors in the event of a work overload. While there are many generators that provide for additional safety in terms of emergency shut-off capabilities, there are very few that also provide LED lights on the main panel to note what caused the generator to turn itself off.

In total, there are 3 LED lights located on the generator. In the event of a work overload or another possible issue, the generator will turn itself off and the corresponding LED light will be illuminated for easy identification. This not only enhances the safety aspect of the generator, but also makes it easier to identify issues before they become more substantial and cause greater trouble.


  • Eco-friendly – The Honda EU7000is provides an eco-friendly generator option. While most inverter generators do provide a clean energy source, this generator also provides a specific switch dedicated to down regulating fuel use to better serve the eco-system
  • Includes fuel gauge – While many other inverter generators may include a low oil shut-off switch, there are many that do not include a low fuel gauge. The Honda EU7000is includes a low fuel gauge that is easily readable and accessible to prevent possible damage due to low fuel. This is also useful in avoiding the lowering of power output during more critical points during specific jobs and tasks.
  • Heavy-Duty and Durable – The Honda EU7000is is extremely durable and heavy-duty making it ideal for those who may need a generator for a business such as construction or areas located in tougher environments. The rubber wheels and casing combined with metallic handles makes this a prime consideration for use in larger businesses. The heavy-duty nature of this generator also gives it an added dose of longevity which amounts to saving money over longer time periods
  • High Run-Time – The Honda EU 7000is has a runtime of 6 hours when used at its rated load, but it has the capability to run for 18 hours when used at ¼ load
  • iMonitor digital display – The Honda EU7000is comes with a digital display that is easy to read and use. It provides a full range of information including the hours of use, performance data, battery charging status, and multiple other on-board diagnostics


  • Price may be out of reach for some – With the larger amount of power included with this generator and its heavy-duty design, it’s inevitable that the price may be a bit higher than some of the other options available. While this is the case, the price of this heavy-duty inverter generator does manage to come in under the price point found In similar models. It still may be slightly out of reach for traditional homeowners however.
  • May be a bit too heavy for some users – One of the most attractive features for this inverter generator can be found in its heavy duty and durable design. With metal handles and casings that mask a powerful engine, Honda spared no expense in making sure it brought a high-quality product to the table, however, these added bonuses do serve to increase the weight of the generator. With a dry weight of 262 pounds, this may be a bit too heavy for those looking to use a generator by themselves.


Whether you are considering a standard or portable generator, the Honda EU7000is invertor generator is one of the best generators available currently. Aside from the reliable reputation it brings having been manufactured by Honda, it also brings with it multiple elements that make it a good fit for multiple groups.

In addition to its being a great power source, the Honda EU7000is has also been proven to be extremely quiet, eco-friendly, and highly portable despite its larger size. These attributes combined make for one of the most substantial and significant generators you could possibly add to your toolshed for many uses.

While this is a great option for those that need a generator every day, those that are looking for a generator designed for occasional use may not find this to be the right fit. Traditional homeowners may find a better fit in smaller generators that cost a bit less. Aside from this, however, if you are looking for something that is heavy-duty, solid, reliable, and easy to use the Honda EU7000is is by far the best generator you could possibly ever find.

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