Updated: December 22, 2020

Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station Review

by Charles Jasper

Product Overview

There’s nothing worse than running out of charge on your phone, light or fan when you’re in the great outdoors but trying to enjoy some basic creature comforts instead of truly roughing it. For people who love to explore but also love using a hair dryer or pumping up an air mattress with an air pump, there are a wide range of solar generators that are easy to pack and carry and quiet to operate.

Portable power stations are the perfect accessory when you’re traveling. Never miss a shot because your GoPro or digital battery is dead and enjoy operating a drone with recharges all day long. You can go off the grid easily with Jackery’s midsize portable power station. At 240 watts per hour and under 7 pounds it’s a high powered but lightweight option for a power source.

Jackery’s portable power stations pair easily with their solar panels for clean recharging wherever there’s sun.

Jackery Portable Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer
  • Explorer 240 Power Station
  • 200 wattage output
  • 240Wh (16.8Ah) lithium battery
  • 12V carport and 2* USB ports
  • Weight: 6.6 lbs

Why Use Solar Power?

When it comes to generators, you have many different options. You can read more about the specific benefits of solar generators over standard, fuel-powered generators but we thought we’d focus on why people are turning to solar power in the first place as an alternative to other sources of energy.

Unlike fossil fuels, solar power is a 100% clean and renewable source of energy. It reduces the dependency for electricity production on oil, coal, and natural gas. Fossil fuels like the ones mentioned can produce harmful emissions that influence air, water and soil quality and cause global warming.

Solar energy, on the other hand, does not pollute. The abundant power of the sun provides unlimited energy that does not harm the landscape or the ozone layer. When people choose solar power systems over fossil fuel power, they are investing in the planet's future, conservation of non-renewable energy sources and environmental protection.

Having the option to harness solar energy also decreases your reliance on electricity. Power outages are becoming more common as the current electric grid system was not designed to provide for the huge strain we put on it today (it was built over 100 years ago!) When you use solar energy, you won’t have to worry about power outages.

Solar energy can also be less expensive in the long run. While there may sometimes be an initial investment when it comes to buying products that harness solar energy, you’ll save money over time by not having to continue paying for fuel year after year. Recharging via solar panels is free! It’s also important to note that solar energy production does not require the amount of maintenance as things that require a different fuel source. We see this with generators, a fuel-powered generator is going to require much more maintenance over time because of all the moving parts as well as the fuel refilling.

Portable Power Station Information

Jackery is a unique company that was founded by an ex-Apple employee in 2012 and later launched the world’s first Lithium portable power station. This is a company that’s passionate about getting people outdoors and wants to support adventurers by giving them options for outdoor, green power sources.

Jackery makes a few different portable power station options and we love their medium sized option, the Explorer 240. This quiet generator won’t disturb the peace while you’re camping, hiking or hunting and it’s so lightweight it won’t weigh down your pack. You can use it to conveniently recharge any of your electronics or power your CPAP machine all night, enjoy a cool fan or even power a mini cooling system.


  • A reliable power source for even sensitive devices like laptops, smart phones and cameras.
  • Easily plug in your USB devices in one of three ports, power a mini fridge or plug in anything that needs a standard household outlet.
  • Features a lithium ion battery that is easily rechargeable using AC outlets, 12V car outlet or solar panels.
  • Features automatic shutoff if wattage goes over capacity to prevent surges and damage to your devices.
  • Built in LED flashlight is great for camping or power outages.
  • LCD display system is prominently featured and easy to read. Offers input and output information as well as battery life notifications.
  • Automatic battery shutoff prevents overcharging and protects your battery life.
  • 200 watts running, 400 watts starting.


  • Not TSA approved
  • Only 40 watts of input is accepted so recharging can be slow compared to other portable power systems.


We feel great about the Explorer 240 for so many reasons. Jackery Explorer 240 Portable Power Station is a fun and unique company that strives to create great opportunities for their customers as well as for the environment. They make a great product that we can enjoy in so many different applications from planned adventures in the great outdoors to unexpected ones during power outages. Wherever you are, you’ll feel secure knowing you have easy access to a reliable power source that can draw its energy from the sun.

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Charles Jasper is the owner and main author of Generator Guider. He has a degree Engineering and 20 years experience on using generators on various projects, around the house, and while traveling and camping. He has a passion for everything related to home improvemen and loves to travel on his RV. When he is not working, you might find Jasper working on projects around the house or organizing a camping trip.