Updated: December 22, 2020

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160, Lithium Battery Solar Generator Review

by Charles Jasper

Product Overview

If you own a generator or are looking into them, you may have heard about the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160. Jackery’s portable power station explorer is a great solar generator that will keep your electronics charged through a camping trip with a unique lithium battery. This isn’t meant to run your big electronics, but only charge your smaller ones, such as phone and laptops. It also comes with a built-in flashlight.

Jackery Portable Power Station 160 is the smallest and lightest lithium battery generation on Amazon. While this obviously means it won’t be up for big jobs, it’s great at making sure you can always charge your devices, including your laptop, which it’s specially designed to handle.

Once you pair it with the company’s Jackery Solar Saga 60W/100W or your own solar panel, you can recharge it quickly. If you don’t have your own solar panel already, it’s advised to purchase one made by the same company as the generator. This will ensure compatibility.

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160

Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160, 167Wh Lithium Battery Solar Generator
  • 100 wattage output
  • 167Wh (11.6Ah) lithium battery
  • Input (DC 8MM): 12V~30V 42W Max
  • Powering up to 4 devices
  • Weight: 3.97 lbs

Solar Powered Lithium Battery Generators

Traditional generators require trips to the gas station to fill up cans and bring them back to your campsite to refill your generator. Solar powered generators are changing this and making it easier on people, as well as quieter.

Solar power generators use a solar panel to recharge a lithium versus a traditional generator that is a small engine using gas or diesel to produce energy. Lithium battery generators are usually intended for small jobs, like charging electronics, versus the large job of powering an RV, for instance.

Solar power generators are a more expensive initial investment than one using fuel, but you won’t constantly be buying fuel, which adds up over the years. Instead, you’ll simply use the free energy of the sun on every trip. Traditional generators are also large, bulky things and don’t come in the small, mobile size of lithium battery generators.

How to Charge Jackery’s Portable Power Station Explorer 160

First thing, you absolutely must understand that this isn’t intended to power anything that requires over 100 Watts of electricity. This won’t power any kind of kitchen appliance, electric tool, CPAP machine or bathroom appliance. It’s intended to power laptop, small electronics, and anything else with a pull under 100 Watts.

To use the Jackery Portable Power Station Explorer 160, you’ll want to begin by ensure it is charged. If it is not, you’ll first need to follow the direction on the pack to recharge the lithium battery. Here are your recharging options:

  • Wall socket. Simply plug it in with the AC adaptor included
  • Car adapter charger. This also comes with the purchase of the Jackery 160 and allows you to charge your generator off your car.
  • Solar power. This is the handiest for while you’re out camping. You’ll need to either purchase a solar panel from Jackery or use one compatible with the Jackery 160 to recharge this way.

Once your generator is charged, you’re ready to plug anything into it. The generator has a standard AC outlet for anything small enough to be powered by the generator but doesn’t have a USB. It also has 1 USB-C port, 2 USB-A ports, and 1 standard DC 12V port for everything else.

What Solar Panel Should Be Bought with Jackery Portable Power Station 160?

If you don’t already have a solar panel, you don’t have to purchase one if you don’t intend to charge it via solar power. In fact, if you don’t think you’ll ever charge it that way simply because you don’t ever go camping that long, you should save the money and skip buying the solar panel.

However, if you are someone who goes camping a lot and is interested in the solar panels, it’s a green, clean energy option that will save you money. Jackery offers many different models of solar panels compatible with the Jackery Portable Power Station 160, or you may be able to adapt one you already own.

If you already own a solar panel system and want to know if it’s compatible with the Jackery Portable Power Station 160, check to see if your current solar panel is 12-30V. As long as it is, you should be safe to use them together. However, if you have any specific questions relating to your solar panel, you should contact the company directly.

Benefits of Jackery Portable Power Station 160

Here’s a breakdown of the biggest benefits of Jackery Portable Power Station 160:

  • Lithium battery gives you rechargeable, clean energy
  • Small size makes it very portable
  • Solar panel compatibility makes it easy to charge
  • It’s quiet
  • It’s designed to power your laptop through multiple charges.

Cons of Jackery Portable Power Station 160

Of course, there’s always negatives to everything too. Here’s some things you should keep in mind before purchasing this product.

  • It’s small and unable to power anything above 100 Watts.
  • It only has one AC outlet, if you won’t primarily be charging things off it with USBs.
  • It doesn’t come with a solar panel, you must buy that separately.


The Jackery Portable Power Station 160 is a great little generator if you’re only looking to charge your laptop and small devices or power small things only requiring 100 Watts or lower. It’s portable and durable, with the ability to recharge no matter where you are.

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