Updated: December 22, 2020

Nature’s Generator Solar Powered Generator Review

by Charles Jasper

Product Overview

Nature’s Generator boasts this 1800 watt solar powered generator that comes with everything you could possibly need to charge and power your devices and appliances wherever you are.

One thing that makes this Nature’s Generator Solar Powered Generator kit so unique is that it allows users the option to charge via wall outlet, solar power or wind power! We’ve seen several models that can charge via solar panels and standard outlets, but the addition of the wind powered option makes this the most versatile portable generator.

If you’re in an area with low sunlight and you don’t have access to a wall out, harness the wind instead! Not only will you always have a source of electricity, you will also feel great knowing that you’re doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint by staying away from high emission, gas powered generators.

Nature’s Generator Solar Powered Generator

Nature’s Generator Solar Powered Generator
  • 3 Solar Panels
  • 1 Generator
  • 1 Power Pod
  • Ideal for Outdoor Workers
  • 266 pounds weight

The Importance of Solar Powered Generators

If you’re thinking about investing in a solar powered generator but aren’t so sure if the benefits are worth the price of a higher powered system like Nature’s Generator, we’re here to show you why solar powered generators are important and who can benefit from having one.

The main benefit of having a solar powered generator is that with this device, you can rest easy knowing that no matter what happens you will have access to electricity in an emergency, disaster or if you need to hit the road and you know you’ll be without wall outlets for some time.

Solar powered generators make even more versatile portable power systems. All portable generators will need to recharge at some point. If you’re limited to using standard electric outlets to recharge the generator once its battery had worn out then you could be in trouble if you’re outdoors or in a situation where the power is down. Not to mention, portable power generators can take quite a while to recharge on outlet power.

With a solar powered generator, you simple plug in the solar panels and position them to absorb maximum sunlight. The solar panels absorb the photons emitted by the sun and turn them into a natural, clean source of energy that you’ll have access to whenever there’s sunlight. Solar powered generators are useful in a variety of different applications.

  • Emergency preparedness preppers: if you live in an area that’s at risk for natural disasters like hurricanes or earthquakes, having a solar powered generator means even in an emergency you can still power your phones and have access to vital information. Higher powered kits also allow you to plug in small appliances like microwaves or hot plates so you can have cooked food.
  • Outdoor workers: if you work out in the field all day, an extension cord is not going to cut it. Workers that have to get in the deep outdoors to get their jobs done need a reliable power source without electrical outlets.
  • Campers and Glampers: you may be a camper that’s all about roughing it, but you don’t have to give up electricity to enjoy the outdoors. With a portable power source you can keep your phone charged, listen to music and even power your laptop while enjoying nature.

Portable Power System Information

Like many of us, Nature’s Generator, the company behind this amazing solar generator kit, is worried about the irreparable damage being done to our planet by fossil fuels. They set out to make access to clean power accessible to all those who need it.

Nature’s Generator prides itself on being there for survivors of Hurricane’s Maria and Lane when the storms left them without access to electricity. There people were able to harness the power of nature (using the sun and wind) to produce clean energy to get their appliances up and running, power their lights and charge their devices so they could connect with their loved ones.

With Nature’s Generator, you can too. This kit comes with the generator, a power pod, 3 power panels and an extension cord which is everything you need for a truly versatile power station.


  • LCD display to easily read system information like battery life.
  • Three AC outlets for up to 1800 watts of energy powered by peak pure sine wave AC power.
  • 2 USB ports for charging phones and tablets up to 3 amps or 15 watts.
  • 1 DC port for up to 3 amps or 240 watts for powering small appliances.
  • Has a quick charge port to power a phone faster than ever.
  • Built in expansion port so you can connect an unlimited number of power pods.
  • Up to 150 watts of solar power included. Solar panels are extra durable since they’re reinforced with safety anti-reflective glass. You’ll feel safe leaving this out in the elements without damaging them.
  • Solar panels also have interchangeable summer and winter positioning options so you can position them so they are the most effective depending on the sun level.
  • Whole system attaches to a handy cart with handle and wheels for transporting more easily.
  • You can use this system while it charges (although this will increase the amount of time it takes to charge).
  • Great customer service and a 1 year limited warranty included with your purchase from Nature’s Generator.


  • Due to the added features like alternate solar/wind charging, this unit is heavy (it weighs in around 85 pounds) so it will not be as easy to transport as smaller units.
  • Not all solar panels will fit in the main unit, you’ll need to plug one of the panels into the power pod if charging using the full 150 watts at once.


Nature’s Generator may be an investment but it comes with so many handy features and is capable of powering so many different devices and appliances we think it’s an amazing tool to have in case of an emergency or for serious campers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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