Updated: December 22, 2020

Predator 3500 Inverter Generator Review

by Charles Jasper

Product Overview

While there are many inverter generators available, the Predator 3500 inverter generator mages to keep up with its competitors for a fraction of the cost. In terms of both size and performance, the Predator 3500 is one of the best inverter generators currently available.

The Predator 3500 is a medium-sized inverter generator that is powered by fuel and manages a surge load of 3000 watts. It also includes a 30-amp outlet, while also including a 12-volt output making it convenient to charge batteries or other small electronics.

If you have owned an inverter generator, it is very possible that you may have been uncertain about the benefits associated with an inverter generator or whether or not you’ve chosen the right one for you. The Predator 3500 makes the choice extremely easy and showcases numerous benefits commonly seen with this specific type of generator.

Predator 3500 Super Quiet Inverter Generator

Predator 3500 Super Quiet Inverter Generator
  • 212cc air-cooled OHV gas engine
  • 11 hour run-time at 25% capacity
  • Digital LCD screen with low oil
  • 30 amp RV adapter included
  • 99.2 pounds weight

Benefits of Inverter generators

Generators, in general, have become more common with the passing years. Many choose to purchase generators for camping purposes, or backup electricity in the event of a natural disaster or unforeseen circumstances. Though standard generators are commonly thought of, purchasing a generator with inverter technology has become much more attractive and beneficial.

Inverter generators are part of the new generation of generators and often come with new technological developments. The more beneficial aspects of inverter generators spread between noise level, weight, and fuel efficiency.

Inverter generators are generally designed with portability as one of the primary focuses in terms of design. Inverter generators ensure ease of use with both carrying handles and, often, wheels as well.

The increased portability found with inverter generators is due in large part to the smaller fuel tank included. As they are more efficient and produce a large amount of power in conjunction with increased fuel efficiency, the fuel tank sizes found in standard generators are not necessary.

Fuel efficiency in inverter generators has been shown to be a direct result of the way the engine functions. In standard portable generators that run on gasoline, the engine operates on a constant basis due to the speed needed to perform its essential functions. Inverter generators, however, do not need to run at this same pace to achieve its highest output levels. Inverter generators adjust engine speed to use only the amount required. This lower speed increases efficiency, while also lowering the noise level associated with use.

The noise associated with inverter generators is significantly less than that found with the use of standard generators In terms of decibels, most inverter generators produce noise at less than 60 decibels, which is the equivalent of an average conversation. Standard generators produce noise that is more closely related to levels associated with lawnmowers or other home improvement equipment.

Inverter generators are capable of producing less noise due to both their mechanics, as well as their design. As inverter generators run slower and at a steadier pace producing less noise. Its natural mechanics lend itself well to the quieter output found within them, while the design itself helps to solidify this. Designed with casings that are enclosed and mufflers, manufacturers specifically sought to create devices that would be more appealing than their standard counterparts.

Inverter generators are also considered to be capable of delivering clean electricity. Clean electricity is described as electrical power free from voltage spikes and drops. This kind of electricity is considered highly preferred and valuable due to its lack of atmospheric disturbance.

Scientifically, the clean energy produced by inverter generators can be proven using graphs measuring the sine waves produced by these machines. Inverter generators create perfect sine waves without the variance of scratches found with standard generators. Though this is a benefit, it also provides evidence that the energy supply found with inverter generators is comparable to what many electric companies provide through the main supply lines. Ultimately, this makes inverter generators ideal for use with smaller electronics such as mobile phones and laptops.

As each inverter generator has its own specific set of benefits, the Predator 3500 is a prime example of the previously listed benefits found in general inverter generators.


In terms of performance, the Predator 3500 has a great deal of benefits and value that it brings to the table. To start, this inverter generator comes with a 212-cc air-cooled gas engine with a maximum output of 3500 watts. This includes a continuous running power of 3000 watts. This is a great deal of power compared to other medium-sized inverter generators and allows for campers to not only run an RV air conditioning unit but also smaller appliances at the same time, while also allowing the use of lights and refrigerators.

Additionally, the power is a clean source so it removes the concern of using it in conjunction with power-sensitive devices such as laptops or mobile phones. This is a significant plus for those needing to use the generator in more remote locations.

Fuel Efficiency

Compared to other inverter generators, the Predator 3500 is not only comparable but superior to most. It runs primarily on unleaded gasoline, which is highly accessible and, often, affordable. For those who choose to use their inverter generators for RV camping, this proves to be an extremely valuable quality.

Additionally, this inverter generator also brings with it the possibility of becoming a propane-based machine if you prefer. Though there are some consequences that may result from this change, such as nullifying your warranty, it is still an option to keep in mind if you are tech-savvy enough to try it.

The Predator 3500 comes with a fuel tank capacity of 2.6 gallons and is fitted with a low fuel shutoff. This alleviates the concern or worries often associated with the possibility of running out of gas and damaging the inverter generator. With the 2.6-gallon tank, you can expect approximately 11 hours of running time at a 25% load. Those that are using the inverter generator for activities such as dry camping should be sufficiently pleased as it is more than enough to sustain that type of workload.

Overall, the fuel efficiency found with the Predator 3500 not only conforms to the standards of other inverter generators but actually exceeds them in most cases.


One of the most important aspects of choosing an inverter generator is the need for portability. As most inverter generators are used for outdoor activities such as camping, the need to transport a smaller power supply often becomes a necessity. The Predator 3500 follows

With a weight of approximately 115 pounds, while containing a full tank, the Predator 3500 inverter generator is one of the lightest inverter generators available. Most medium-sized inverter generators weigh in at approximately 150 pounds making it cumbersome to transport or move when needed.

Additionally, the Predator 3500 also enhances its portability with the use of design. To ensure that it is one of the easier options to move around, this inverter generator also includes carrying handles built-in, as well as wheels to allow pushing when desired. This may still prove to be difficult if you happen to be on uneven terrain, however, it is a great feature for those using it on level ground.

If you would still like to use the wheel functionality on uneven terrain, there is still the option to do so by upgrading the wheels. This can be done at a minimal price with parts found through the use of the manufacturer’s direct website.

Noise Level

While most standard inverter generators function at 60 decibels, the Predator 3500 inverter generator actually has an output that is slightly less. Currently, the Predator 3500 has a noise output level rated a 57 dB. Combined with the power included with this inverter generator, the noise level is extremely minimal.

The noise level for the Predator 3500 is extremely beneficial for those who may prefer to go dry camping or partake in the use of a public campsite. Though the generator will provide sufficient power, the noise associated with its use, will not detract or interfere with the peace and quiet often sought through these trips. There are very few, if any, generators that can provide the power with this amount of quiet


While there are several mechanisms that can be used to start an inverter generator, the Predator 3500 includes a much more simplistic design. Compared to other options, the Predator 3500 uses an easy push-button for an electric start. This makes it ideal for those who may be a little less tech-savvy than others.

Additionally, the Predator 3500 also includes electric start-up batteries that avoid the need to purchase them separately. It also saves you quite a bit of money as most manufacturers charge approximately $50 for the additional battery packs.


  • Extremely Lightweight and portable – The Predator 3500 comes with a significantly lower weight than most medium-sized inverter generators. It also includes portability bonuses such as carrying handles and wheels for easy use.
  • Fewer noise concerns than other options – This inverter generator is one of the quieter products available. Compared to a standard of 60 dB, the Predator 3500 operates at 57 dB making it both user and neighbor-friendly
  • Comes with Low oil shutoff – The Predator 3500 includes a low oil shut off feature that will turn the generator off automatically once it has run out of fuel. Additionally, there is a low oil shutoff indicator light to alert you immediately as to the reason for the shutoff if it is due to the oil levels.
  • Parallel compatible – The Predator 3500 allows users to connect the main inverter generator to another of the same model and type to produce double power. Though this may not be used by everyone, it is a great option for those who may need to power larger vehicles or run larger loads. This does require a kit, however, which may be a little more difficult to come by
  • Digital LCD – The digital LCD included with the Predator 3500 provides an easy way to assess the specifics associated with the generator. Most notably, this includes the number of hours the generator has been in use which helps to better measure the need for fuel-based on time.


  • Predator is not a common brand – Though the Predator 3500 is a good purchase, Predator itself is not a brand with a wide array of products. Predator currently only makes 2 variations of this particular generator which may not fit the needs of all consumers.
  • Small Tank Size – While it is good for mid-size workloads, the tank size for the Predator 3500 is 2.6 gallons. Though this is decent, the size of the fuel tank may cause a greater need to refill the tank more often. This could pose a problem for those who may use fuel at a higher rate
  • Does not come with fuel gauge – While the Predator 3500 does include a low oil shutoff function, it does not actually include a fuel gauge. This does make it a bit difficult to prevent the generator from running out of oil in the event you get distracted or fall asleep.


In general, inverter generators have become far more successful than their standard counterparts when it comes to various aspects of usage. The Predator 3500 inverter generator comes with not only the traditional benefits found through the use of inverter generators but expands them in a substantial way.

While other inverter generators bring positive attributes such as size, portability, and performance, the Predator 3500 excels in these areas and does so at a highly affordable price point. Compared to other generators of similar size, the Predator 3500 makes a more ideal choice for those who need a reliable source of power that is not only solid in design, but also performance. Overall, this inverter generator is worth the consideration and will be a great match for a large number of people for various purposes.

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