Updated: December 22, 2020

Pulsar Non-CARB 10,000W Dual Fuel Portable Generator Review

by Charles Jasper

Product Overview

If you’re looking for a powerful, reliable way to avoid going dark during the next power outage, the Pulsar 10,000W Dual Fuel Portable Generator is a great choice. It offers you the choice of running on either gasoline or liquid propane, so you have more options at your disposal in the event of a natural disaster.

With a 420cc 15HP single-cylinder OHV (4-stroke) engine, this powerful Pulsar unit produces 10,000 peak watts and 8,000 running watts when powered with gasoline. When running on propane, it produces 9,000 peak watts and 7,000 running watts. It’s powerful enough to run large appliances while keeping all of your electronic devices charged so that you can stay safe and comfortable no matter the emergency.

Pulsar Non-CARB 10,000W Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Pulsar PG10000B16 Portable Dual Fuel Generator
  • 10, 000W peak (gas)
  • 8000W rated (gas)
  • 6. 6 gallon fuel tank
  • Up to 12 hours of continuous operation
  • Electric Start with Recoil Back-Up

It also features Switch & Go technology, which allows you to transition easily between fuel sources—even when the unit is already running. There’s no need to turn it off and make a bunch of adjustments to keep your equipment powered. And with an electric push-button start and a recoil start backup, you’ll have convenience at your fingertips without worrying about battery charge in an emergency.

Housed in a strong steel frame featuring never-flat wheels and simple, effective drop down handles, you’ll find it as easy to store as it is to move. It’s an impressive combination of portability and power that not many other units can match, making it the top dual fuel generator choice for many consumers.

It’s packed with convenient outlets: It has one 120V/240V twist-lock outlet, four 120V outlets, and a 120/240V 50A RV port. You’ll be able to power multiple appliances or pieces of equipment at one time without a hassle. Its large 6.6 gallon fuel tank also gives you exceptional run time—up to 12 hours of continuous use at a 50 percent load.

You’ll find that it’s easy to get started right out of the box, too, with a regulator-included propane hose included in the kit.

Is the Pulsar Non-CARB Dual Fuel Generator the Right Choice?

It can be difficult to make a decision about which generator is right for your needs—there are so many options to choose from. The truth is, there’s no one single best generator for every use case. To help you choose the generator that best suits your needs, we’ve compiled a list of questions you can ask yourself as you shop around.

How Much Power do I Need?

This is perhaps the most pertinent question to begin with, because the answer is going to vary a great deal depending on your particular circumstances. Are you going to be relying on a generator to power major appliances and provide heating or cooling in an emergency? If so, you’re going to need a fairly robust generator like this unit.

However, if you’re looking for something that’s more suitable for powering your tools for DIY projects, you may find that a lighter and more compact generator is just as effective and more affordable.

How Portable Does my Generator Need to Be?

Size and power are inevitably going to have a relationship to one another when choosing a generator, but if you can’t put the generator where it needs to be, it won’t matter how powerful it is. While this unit is on the heavier side, it is extremely easy to maneuver thanks to its frame and wheels. However, if you are going to need to lift this generator, you will definitely need some help to do so safely.

It’s also not as compact as some portable generators, which is unlikely to be a concern for a homeowner emergency, but may be less than ideal if you plan to travel with it.


  • Extended run time and serious wattage means this might be the only generator you need in an emergency
  • On-the-fly fuel switching means your power need never be interrupted
  • Push button start is super convenient, and a recoil start backup means that you won’t be left in the lurch in the event of a dead battery—it’s the best of both worlds!
  • Dual fuel convenience means that you can rely on readily available gasoline when you want to, and can store clean burning liquid propane safely, long-term for emergencies or gas shortages.


  • At 209 lbs, this generator is portable by rolling but requires help to lift. This may or may not be a concern
  • If you have less intensive power needs, this generator may be a little bit of overkill; a smaller, less expensive, less powerful generator may be a better option
  • Dual fuel generators, especially those with as many features as this unit, are more complex than their single fuel counterparts, which means more parts that can fail


Pulsar 10,000W Dual Fuel Portable Generator is one of the most powerful generators of its size, and if you are hoping to meet all of your power needs with one single unit, we can strongly recommend this model. If you’re looking for something a bit smaller, Pulsar offers similar units that are smaller and less powerful.

A dual fuel generator can provide your family with peace of mind in an emergency, and Pulsar offers one of the best on the market for emergency situations. There’s no need for your family to go without power during a natural disaster or other emergency. Being able to switch fuel sources on the go is an additional benefit that can be more advantageous than you expect.

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