Updated: December 22, 2020

ROCKPALS 300W Portable Generator Lithium Portable Power Station Review

by Charles Jasper

The ROCKPALS 300W Portable Generator Lithium Portable Power Station is a small, lithium battery powered generator. It’s perfect for charging small electronics, such as smart phones, tablets, laptops, GPS, etc. It can also run a CPAP machine, TV, fans, lamps, and an assortment of other small devices.

While smaller models are intended to just charge your laptop and your small electronics, this one is made for a bit more than that. It can power your CPAP machine through the night, a must has for anyone who wants to go camping, but needs their CPAP machine.

It offers multiple types of outputs, from USB ports to 24V DC (24V-3A), for all your power needs. You can even charge a drone on this or have nice lights for any gathering, be it camping or just a nice, festive picnic.

ROCKPALS 300W Portable Generator

ROCKPALS 300W Portable Generator Lithium Portable Power Station
  • Variety of Powering Options
  • Full Charging Time: 6-7 hours
  • Can't Support Devices Rated Over 300W
  • Useful Flashlight for Outdoors
  • 7.5 Pounds weight

The Details on the ROCKPALS 300W Generator

If you need a CPAP machine and you ever want to go camping, you need this generator. If you just want to power your laptop and other small devices, you could go with a smaller device, but this one can also power your basic appliances, including lights, as well.

How Can You Charge the ROCKPALS Generator?

This model can be charged a variety of ways:

  • Via the A/C wall plug charger that comes with the model
  • Via the car charger that also comes with the model
  • Via solar power, the panels which must be bought separately though the model comes with a MC4 solar panel adaptor

Something else to make note of is that this model has pass-through charging, meaning you can charge this model while also using it at the same time. This can extend its usage life significantly for each use. It’s a very efficient solar generator.

How Many Devices Can You Plug into the ROCKPALS 300W Generator?

This model has several different kinds of power outlets for different needs. You can use whatever combination you want of them, including all at once. Using all the outlets will, of course, drain more power from the generator faster.

Here’s the different outlets:

  • A standard, 120V A/C outlet for your basic, plug into the wall type devices.
  • 4 5V USB ports for anything you may have with a USB charger, such as smartphones, tablets, electronic cigarettes, and anything you may have.
  • One 24V DC (24V-3A) for connecting 24V devices. You can also buy a DC converter for your CPAP machine and plug that in here versus the standard outlet, allowing you an extra outlet as well as a three-night battery power versus two-night.
  • 4 12V DC(48W*3+96W*1) for connecting car powered devices, such as vacuums, fans, and refrigerators.

Specifications on the ROCKPALS 300W Generator

This model is light, only coming in at 7.5 pounds. This makes it easy to travel with, as you aren’t lugging around a heavy generator. It also comes with a solid, built in handle for safety while carrying.

It’s rated for 300 Watts, meaning you can even run your TV off of it if you want. It also includes a pure sine wave inverter, meaning it gives you reliable, clean energy that won’t surge or drop unexpectedly.

Solar Panels for Charging the ROCKPALS 300W Generator

If you want to charge your model using solar panels, you’ll need to either own some before you purchase the generator or you’ll have to buy some separate, as they don’t come included with the generator.

If you already have solar panels, great! Check to make sure the output is low enough for your generator and adjust as needed.

If you don’t already own solar panels, your best bet when buying new ones is to buy within the brand of the generator you’re planning to pair the solar panels with. This will ensure compatibility.

Reasons to Get a Lithium Battery Powered Generator

Typically, when we think of generators, we think of loud, gas guzzling generators that break down about once day during heavy usage. What is a lithium battery powered generator and why should you get it?

  • They’re typically powered by solar energy, but they can also be charged other ways. Because it’s a battery, you only ever have to charge it. This means you never have to buy fuel for your generator.
  • Lithium battery generators come in smaller, more portable sizes. This makes them great if you want to go camping without electricity, but don’t want your phone to die in case of emergencies and you need to run a CPAP or want some light. They’re also great for emergencies.
  • They’re quieter than traditional generators.
  • Their energy is clean and green, versus traditional generators which burn fuel.
  • With solar charging, you can go way out in the woods and still be able to have the small generator with you in case of emergencies.

These are all the reasons why lithium battery powered generators are becoming so popular.

Synopsis on the ROCKPALS 300W Generator

If you’re looking for something to run your CPAP while on a camping trip or for emergencies, you need this ROCKPALS 300W Portable Generator Lithium Portable Power Station. It’s small enough to still be portable, but strong enough to give you lasting, strong energy.

It also offers multiple ways to charge it, as well as a multitude of outlets to plug into. Whatever your needs for emergencies, camping, or as a backup in RVs, this is what you need.

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