Updated: December 22, 2020

Suaoki Portable Power System Review

by Charles Jasper

Product Overview

The Suaoki Portable Power system is your solution for power on the go or in an emergency. Even better, it’s fully equipped to be used as a solar powered generator if you purchase up to 100 watts of solar panels to plug into it.

With multiple AC and DC power options, you’ll be able to power a small appliance like a television or floor fan for several hours or charge your phone or laptop multiple times before needed to repower the portable generator.

Suaoki makes it easy for you use your portable power system. Recharge it using a 120 watt car charger in under 8 hours, with a wall charger in under 10 hours or with up to 100 watts of solar panels in as little as 6 hours in full sunlight!

Suaoki Portable Power System

SUAOKI Solar Generators, G500 Portable Power Station 500Wh Camping Generator
  • AC Input: 89W
  • Solar Input: 150W Max/14~40V
  • CPAP Emergency Battery Pack
  • Variety of Charging Options

How Does Solar Power Work?

If you’re thinking about using this product as a backup generator or a secondary power source but aren’t familiar with solar power, you may be wondering how this portable power source is going to work. Let’s take a quick look at how solar power works as an alternate source of energy.

In the simplest terms, solar power is just the harnessing of energy from the sun for use with the electrical devices that we use every day in our homes, offices and outside.

What you may not have known is that our sun is actually a giant, natural reactor producing tons of energy. The sun releases photons (a source of energy) which we can harness and use for power. The sun is a great source of natural energy because it produces enough photons every hour to power enough energy for the entire earth for a whole year!

So how do we capture this energy and convert it for personal use? Photovoltaic solar panels (the standard solar panels that we use today) are made up of silicon semiconductor solar cells. These solar cells absorb the photons released by the sun. When the photons hit the solar cells of a solar panel, they knock loose electrons that sit on a circuit made up of positive and negative sides of a cell. This produces the electricity we use to power our appliances.

The electricity produced by solar panels is DC while many electrical appliances we use runs on AC power. For this reason, solar panels also use an inverter to convert the DC current to AC power when needed.

When it comes to portable generators, the addition of solar power means that those generators are truly portable. If you can rely on solar energy to recharge the power station when it runs low on battery, you can live off the grid for much longer than you would be able to if you needed to be near a car charger or a wall outlet for the time it takes to recharge the power station (for some portable generators charging can take up to a full day!).

Portable Power System Information

Suaoki is a relatively new brand, launching in 2015. They recognize that there’s nothing worse than being caught without charge on your device, whether you are hiking or just in an area with few power outlets.

That’s why they set out to make portable charging easily accessible to the masses with the Suaoki Portable Power System. Their technologically innovative products offer charging solutions that will fit a versatile number of applications. You’ll be able to use this solar generator for simple charging of small devise like your phones, cameras or tablets. With the 500 watt hours super capacity for power, unlike other generators of this size and price, you can also use the Suaoki to power small appliances like mini-fridges, laptops, floor fans and televisions.


  • Includes a two piece 110 volt/ 300 watt, 600 watt AC outlet. These surge outlets produce pure sine wave output so you can power CPAP machines, computers or speakers.
  • Three of the ports are fast-charge capable, 2 USB A ports and 1 USB C port allow you to charge smartphones and modern laptops faster than ever.
  • DC ports support 12 volt/3 amps for charging small appliances like mini-fridges and can be used at the same time as the AC ports depending on the power.
  • Backed by a battery management system to protect you and the product from charging in unsafe conditions. Overcharge protection will safe your battery life from overcharging.
  • Lightweight at just 15 pounds and easy to carry around with you yet still durable enough to be used outdoors while camping.
  • LCD screen provides helpful information like remaining battery and wattage available at different ports.
  • 2 year product warranty with 24 hour customer support.


  • This product doesn’t come with a carrying back so you’ll need to invest in something durable enough to hold it so you can carry it easily.
  • Battery life will slowly worsen with time and the battery is not replaceable. Once the battery no longer holds a charge, the portable power unit can no longer be used.
  • This unit isn’t waterproof so be very careful when using outdoors. Keep out of the rain and away from areas where it could be splashed.


This high powered portable generator comes at a fantastic price point compared to other power systems. It’s highly capable for multiple applications and features user friendly special additions that will make it a welcome addition to your campsite.

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